The First Jump

The First Jump

Saving is hard work. For most families, it can be hard to adopt the “Live tomorrow on today’s dollars” mentality. The reality is that most Canadian families live paycheck to paycheck. Even if you believe that you should be saving for retirement (or other goals), it can be overwhelming to understand where that money comes. How do you live tomorrow on today’s dollars if you can hardly live today with today’s dollars?

This is where a new mentality comes into play.

They say the hardest dollar to save is the first dollar. Like diving boards at a swimming pool, that first jump in the water is the most terrifying as a child. You stand on the edge of the water, and your mind is focused on fear. “What happens if I slip? Will my head come above the water? Will I be okay?”

That first jump teaches you a critical lesson. You can do it, and it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. That experience leads to higher and higher jumps, and before you know it, you’re at the top of the ladder looking down and wondering why you were scared in the first place.

Saving for your future begins with the first commitment to jump. It takes courage and it takes discipline.