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How I want to invest my life

Making a difference every day.

It has always been in my nature to help people.

As I started to think about what I wanted to do with my life, this desire to help became the reason that I attended college to be trained as a paramedic at the highest level. My experience working as a paramedic in Sudbury and then on the oil fields of Alberta showed me that when people are experiencing what feels like the worst day of their lives, it can be a good thing to stand beside them and guide them through the first stages of fixing the problem.

I was born in Ontario, but considered myself a ‘westerner’, as we moved to Saskatchewan when I was still small enough to fit inside of a ‘2 cube’ moving box.

My brother and I were homeschooled and because of the flexibility that gave our family, we traveled to some remarkable places. I have watched a tanker go through the Panama Canal, bartered in a foreign language for a fez and ridden a camel in the desert.

My family eventually moved back to Ontario, but I returned to the west for some of my post-secondary schooling and then again when my wife and I settled in Lethbridge, Alberta for a few years, which is where I learned about the fun of driving a big red truck. Fun fact: red trucks get pulled over ‘way more often than all other vehicles put together*.

Hockey has been large in my life. Being a part of a team and working together towards a common goal gives me a sense of satisfaction that’s hard to beat. Friendships that have started on the ice have spilled over into ‘real life’ and become valued relationships. And playing hockey on teams coached by my dad (which, frankly, was a lot of them when I was young) gave me a close-up view of how my dad handled himself in a variety of situations, both good and bad. I am pleased to have the opportunity to now work beside him in a business that centres around helping people achieve their financial goals.

I appreciate having had good financial role models from an early age and learning about what ‘future me’ would need (ask me about that!). I look forward to working with clients and helping them to think about and plan for their ‘future me’.

(*This statistic is entirely made up. Actually, white cars get more tickets. Red is second.)

About Caldwell Wealth & Estate Advisory
“Caldwell Advisory is a financial planning organization that understands there is more to creating and maintaining wealth than performance alone. We work with you to help you achieve your goals and financial objectives because we believe achieving these goals is your primary concern.

Our planning process helps ensure we are working within your objectives by helping you understand where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

By drawing on our years of expertise and the specialists we work with, Caldwell Advisory provides effective and timely solutions to risk management, tax issues, wealth accumulation and estate transfer strategies”.

To find out more, visit caldwelladvisory.ca.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill